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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of the Strandhuysjes Katwijk B.V.

Located in Katwijk, registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Leiden under Chamber of Commerce number: 69602638, VAT number: NL857935926B01,

These general conditions apply to renting and reserving the beach houses, Boulevard Zeezijde 47 in Katwijk aan Zee.


1. Confirmation and content of the rental contract.

1.1 A rental contract with Strandhuysjes Katwijk BV can be agreed upon via our website.

1.2 With a booking confirmation the tenant (at least 21 years) commits himself to entering into a rental contract. Each booking request is confirmed by the landlord by means of a booking confirmation. The confirmation and invoice is sent by email.

1.3 The beach house can be used with a maximum of 5 persons, whereby children count as full persons. It is not allowed to use the beach house with more people.

1.4 Groups of young people are not admitted.

1.5 The booking confirmation sent by the landlord contains relevant details for the use of the beach house.

In order to have a correct booking and to avoid any misunderstandings, it is advisable that the tenant checks this data. The lessor can not be held liable for any consequences due to errors or incompleteness of the data. Any errors in the data must be reported to the lessor within 7 days of receiving the rental contract.


2. Prices and payment.

2.1 Prices include kitchen package, VAT, gas, water and electricity.

2.2 No non-life insurance, cancellation insurance or travel insurance is included in the price. You are urgently advised to insure the booking yourself.

2.3 The payment of the rental amount must be paid immediately.

2.4 The prices do not include mandatory holiday allowance; € 1.86 per person per night, linen / towel package at € 15.00 p.p. and final cleaning € 65,00. On departure, the beach house must be delivered ready for swiping and free of dishes. Bed linen must be collected and left with the towels in the bathroom. The garbage must have been thrown away in the designated bins behind the pavilion.

In the case of heavy pollution, the extra costs will be charged.

2.5 In case of late payment the lessor is entitled to cancel the reservation.

2.6 Including parking card zeehos 2023

2.7 Funds already paid will not be refunded; the cancellation conditions will then remain in full force (see point 5).


3. Extra costs

3.1 In the event of heavy pollution or serious damage, the extra costs will be charged.


4. Rights and obligations of the tenant.

4.1 The day, date and time of rental:

We rent out the beach houses per weekend, midweek and week. In high season (July, August) only weekly (weeks).

The arrival is from 3 pm and departure before 10 am.

A weekend is from 3 pm on Friday afternoon to 10 am on Monday morning.

A midweek is from Monday afternoon 3 pm until Friday morning 10 am. 

A week is from Friday afternoon 3 pm until Friday morning 10 am.

4.2 No pets are allowed in our beach houses.

4.3 The tenant must adhere to the house rules, which are included in the welcome folder of the beach houses.

4.4 The beach houses and the surrounding area must be used with care.

4.5 The beach houses are non-smoking, open fire, barbecuing and the like are not allowed.

4.6 During the use of the beach house the tenant is fully liable for the rented beach house, the interior and all items belonging to the rented property and damage, caused by own actions and / or by fellow users, must be fully compensated by the tenant, immediately and to the landlord. Also for any additional costs. The landlord is entitled in advance to always hold the tenant liable, if the damage caused is not, or not properly, settled.


5. Cancellation by the tenant.

5.1 In case of cancellation from booking date up to 12 weeks before the arrival date, the cancellation costs will be 10% of the rental amount.

5.2 In case of cancellation between 10 and 12 weeks before the arrival date, the cancellation costs will be 25% of the rental amount.

5.3 In case of cancellation between 7 and 9 weeks before the arrival date, the cancellation costs will be 50% of the rental amount.

5.4 In case of cancellation between 4 and 6 weeks before the arrival date, the cancellation costs will be 75% of the rental amount.

5.5 In case of cancellation within 3 weeks (21 days) before the rental period, 100% of the rental amount is due.

5.6 A rebooking is possible up to 12 weeks before the start of the rental period (if beach houses are available). Costs for rebooking amount to € 50,-

5.7 A cancellation by the tenant must be confirmed in writing or by e-mail at all times, stating the reservation name, rental period and reservation number.


6. Complaints.

6.1 The tenant must report a complaint directly to the manager at the start of the rental or during the use of the beach house. The manager / owner will try to resolve the complaint on the spot without delay.

6.2 A complaint must be submitted immediately. If direct submission is not possible or if the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, it must be submitted to the lessor within 1 month after the end of the rental period, in writing and with motivation. Complaints submitted later will not be accepted and an alleged right of action will lapse. Landlord is, in any case, liable to a maximum of the amount of the rent.


7. Cancellation and termination of contract by the lessor.

7.1 The landlord can cancel the lease for the rental entrance:

a.) with immediate effect if the tenant does not comply with the provisions of the contract or if his behavior endangers others or otherwise behaves in a disturbing manner. Or in case of proven incorrectness of the data provided, insofar as this has adverse consequences for Strandhuys Katwijk BV

b.) with immediate effect if the lease can not take place due to causes of force majeure that disturb or endanger the stay of tenants in the beach house.

7.2 If the lessor declares the contract by clause 7.1.a, the lessee must pay the full rent. If the lessor cancels the contract by clause 7.1.b for lease commencement, all already paid rental amounts are immediately returned. Further claims for compensation are excluded.

If the lessor cancels the contract by clause 7.1.b during the rental period, the lessee will receive a proportional part of the rental amount corresponding to the period that the rental contract has not been fulfilled.


8. Liability of the lessor

8.1 Lessor guarantees a correct description and proper compliance with the provisions in the rental contract.

8.2 The lessor accepts no liability for theft, loss or damage of or to property or persons, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay in one of the beach houses.

8.3. The Lessor is not liable for faults in the services or defects in services provided by third parties.

8.4 The lessor is not responsible for incidental faults on, for example, the equipment, for nature damage or climatic changes.

8.5 Landlord is not responsible for force majeure situations, such as war, strikes, Pandemics, military exercises, natural violence and the like.


9. Other

9.1 Dutch law applies to the rental agreement.

9.2 All previous publications are canceled with these general terms and conditions.

9.3 In the adjacent beach pavilion there is the possibility to organize parties with live music until midnight. We do everything we can to limit possible noise pollution as much as possible but can not exclude this.