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Katwijk is a popular holiday destination throughout the year. From the underground car park you walk directly onto the characteristic Boulevard and you can easily visit the versatile shopping center. The beach is always around the corner and you can walk extensively through the amazing dunes. State forest management has set out a number of nice walking routes here. It is a beautiful nature reserve which houses a large diversity of flora and fauna.

From Katwijk you can easily visit surrounding villages and cities. Within walking distance of the Strandhuysjes there is a bus stop for bus lines that will take you to The Hague or Leiden. Discover the historic canal houses in the heart of Leiden or be amazed by the colorful flower beds in Lisse. By means of a nice bike ride through the dunes, adjacent coastal towns such as Noordwijk or Scheveningen are easily accessible. In short, a stay in Katwijk is never boring.

Experience the fresh sea air, freedom and unspoiled nature. Experience Katwijk.